Teach It : Touch My Hand

Verbal Cue: Touch
Difficulty: Easy

Teach your puppy to touch your hand with his nose. This skill will come in handy in getting your puppy to come to you.


  1. Hold your clicker in one hand. In your other hand, hold a treat between your fingers, and hold your hand flat, with your palm toward your puppy. Get your puppy’s attention as you do this by saying “cookie” or whichever word he understands to mean a treat.
  2. Encourage your puppy to investigate the treat by saying "touch!” in an encouraging voice.
  3. The instant you fell his nose touch your hand, click your clicker to let him know that was the behavior that earned him the treat. Allow him to take the treat from your hand. Repeat this exercise a few times.
  4. Now try it without a treat held between your fingers. Hold out your fingers. Hold out your hand and say “touch!”. The instant your puppy touches your hand, click your clicker, and then give him a treat from your pocket.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Practice ten interactions per day and within a few days your puppy will learn this trick!

my puppy is more interested in my pocket with the treats than in touching my hand.
Go back to holding a treat between your fingers to regain his focus on your hand. If this doesn’t work, try storing your treats in a bowl on a nearby counter, where they are out of his reach, but still easily accessible by you.

TIP! Did your puppy run off? Hold your hand and call “touch!” to see him race back to you!

source : Kyra Sundance

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