Teach It : Skate Board

Verbal Cue: Skateboard

Your puppy can learn to push a skateboard by placing three paws on the skateboard and pushing with her remaining back paw.


  1. Familiarize yourself with the shaping method training. Hold the skateboard in a place with your foot, and lure your puppy to put her front paws up on top. The moment both of her paws are on the skateboard, click, and let her have the treat.
  2. Now teach your puppy to put a third paw on the skateboard. Keep your foot on the skateboard to keep it from moving. Hold your clicker and a treat in one hand, and hold near your puppy’s nose to keep her head and front paws in a place. Move your body to the side of the skateboard where your puppy has her back feet. Tap her rear leg which is closes to the skateboard. When she does, click and let her have the treat from your front hand.
  3. Once your puppy understands the goal of having three paws on the skateboard, it’s time to get it rolling. Attach a leash around the front wheels. Have your puppy put three paws on the skateboard, and keep her attention by holding a treat slightly ahead of her. Pull very slowly on the leash. The instant her fourth paw leaves the ground, click, and gives her a treat. Continue pulling, clicking, and treating. You should be clicking every couple of seconds, corresponding with every time her fourth paw leaves the ground. Remember to give a treat after every click.
  4. Remove the leash and walk backward. Cue “skateboard” while coaxing your puppy to push the skateboard toward you.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Puppies can learn the objective of three paws on the skateboard in a matter of days. The coordination of pushing with their forth paw may take an additional several weeks or even several months. Bulldogs and parson Russell breeds seem to love this trick best!

TROUBLESHOOTING: My puppy sometimes steps on the end of the skateboard, making it flip up.
if this is scaring your puppy, you can attach foam blocks to the underside of either end of the skateboard, preventing it from flipping up. If your puppy is not scared, however, do not make an adjustment to the skateboard, but instead allow your puppy the time and experimentation to figure out on her own how to balance the skateboard.

TIP! Teach skateboard on a smooth surface. Cracks in the concrete or irregularities in an asphalt parking lot stall the skateboard.

Source : Kyra Sundance

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