Teach It : High Five!

Athletes often reach high and slap a teammate’s hand after a good play. A high five says, “Good work!”
When your dog is doing the shake very well, teach her the high five. Begin with the word “shake” because she already knows that means to reach her paw toward your hand.


  1. Have a treat in your left hand and more in your pocket.
  2. Tell your dog, “Pepper, shake high five!” Place your open right hand in front of her. Your palm should be facing toward her and your fingers should be pointed up. 
  3. When she reaches her paw toward you, touches her paw with your hand and praise her, “Pepper, good high five!” give her a treat. Practice five times and then play with her.  
TIP! After a couple of training sessions, stop saying “shake” and just tell her, “pepper, high five!” with practice, your dog should learn to reach up to touch your hand instead of you Touching hers.

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