Best Age To Bring Home Puppy

Most momma dogs stop nursing their puppies between 5 and 6 weeks of age. Although some moms continue feeding the puppies for a week or two after that, the momma’s milk will dry up soon after the puppies begin eating solid food.

However, that doesn’t mean puppies should leave their mom and littermates at this early age. When puppies do not have time to play, wrestle, and otherwise interact with their littermates, they lose valuable learning opportunities that will affect their behavior with both people and other dogs as they grow up. The lessons momma dog teaches are even more important, especially in regard to learning social behavior and accepting discipline.

The most common age for a puppy to go to his new home is 8 weeks of age. However, the drawback to getting a puppy at this age is the possibility if a fear period. If the puppy goes home with you and is worried about life, then he may develop carsickness (because the car took him away from his mom), he may worry about children (If your kids greet him while he’s afraid), and he will be afraid of the veterinarian’s office if he goes in the next day for vacations.

Before bringing your puppy home, talk to your puppy’s breeder about the right age to do this. If the puppy is bold and confident, then go ahead and bring him home. But if he’s at all worried or cautious, tell the breeder you will pick him up the following week.

All things considered, the best age to bring a puppy home is between 9 and 10 weeks of age. He’s probably past the 8-week-old fear period, he’s had lots of time with his littermates and mom, and he’s the right stage of life to bond with people-specifically, you!

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